healthy snack

The BILTONG POWER project started with a barbecue between an international South African rugby player and a big meat distributor, LESCURE VIANDES.

Both their expertise generated a great idea : To launch real South African biltong in France.

We have knowledge of the meat industry and they have knowledge of the process to make biltong. Putting the two together made sense!
Pure protein, low fat, very tasty biltong makes it easy to mix pleasure with healthy eating.

Juandre Kruger, Bryan Habana & Duane Vermeulen, three international South African rugby players, have become ambassadors for Biltong Power. They symbolise the value of the product : power, scarcity & warmth of Africa.


Juandre Kruger - High protein snack

Juandre Kruger

Juandre Kruger - Dried meat

Bryan Habana

Duane Vermeulen - Buy biltong

Duane Vermeulen